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Application for Staff by Prometheus

2 posts in this topic

I may be pissing in the wind here, but I really do love the site and feel I could be a real asset. Whether that be simply as a Moderator, config checker, leecher detector, or whatever the need is.


1.)   Number of posts currently = 72


2.)   My Experience = I am a continuously active cracker. I have three computers running around the clock for that purpose. I make configs, I filter combolists, I gather proxies. I run 3 different websites ( 2 are active, one is in development), I have Vendor accounts on 4 different DNM's and sell my cracked accounts and warez there (doing quite well), and I have gigs on Fiverr. My bestseller is an all-in-one tutorial about the DarkNet covering topics such as Tor Bundle, PGP, VPNs and Socks5 Proxies, Markets and Directories, etc.


3.)   My skill = This is my passion. I love the whole process. Making the config, finding good proxies, finding or leaching good combos, and then watching the hits box fill up. Many people can do these things, I suppose. But I know what to do with the hits afterward. I have the all-around knowledge to make the whole process profitable.


4.)   My Likes = I currently have 50 likes.


My Profile Link =    http://www.crackingweb.com/user/3890-prometheus/



Thank you for considering me,






Still no response?

Edited by Prometheus

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