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  1. Hello everyone. As you possibly noticed, we haven't posted any news for a while. Why? Answer is pretty simple. We working hard on creation of a panel. To make you interactions with our socks more comfortable. You will be able to control you subscriptions, make pauses, change pools...Also we have few more surprices which, for sure, all of you would love. Also for last year we are notice that for many people 1 hour, or even 3 hours of free testing is not enought. So we decide to make additional 24 hour test on paid basis. IMPORTANT: it is not 1 day package. It is just 24 hour test. Will be given only 1 time to one hands. We bet it will make easier for you to understand everything about rotations and list systems which make us different from other players on proxy market. To get a test( doesn't matter if it free for 1 hour, or 24 hours test for money) contact our supports via those contact: Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: [email protected] Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 Thank you. Have a great day!
  2. We are greeting all the masters of their business We are glad to make your day again with a New promotion Promotion for the first purchase with a 20% discount Conditions of the promotion 1) Be a forum member 2) Leave a comment "20% discount" Contacts: Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: [email protected] Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 Conditions are very simple, discount is the maximum possible and only for the forum members We hope you will succeed in your projects development.
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  3. SocksHub.net - 400,000+ Elite Private Rotating Proxies for managing and scaling your projects. SocksHub.net-400,000+ Private Rotating Proxies for managing and scaling your projects. SocksHub.net site welcomes you to this forum and wishes you success in your various projects. SocksHub.net was originally created as a project capable of scaling any network activity for major companies from different industries. Scaling is the company’s main objective, which has remained unchanged for years. It is the main slogan of those who strive for great results. On our part, we are capable of providing you with the perfect tool to achieve these results. SocksHub.net has reached maximum proxy capacity, which has been increasing profits for our clients successfully. The Benefits you'll get: - Huge online proxies - Maximum speed (higher than anyone ever) - Suitable for any activity - 1-hour free test - All ports are opened - Huge choices of tariffs - Unlimited traffic - Support Socks4/5,and HTTP - 24/7/365 technical support - Total anonymity - BackConnect (speed still remains maximum) | We can’t disclose the size of our online capacity for it is a commercial secret. We can only say that our proxy just to good to beyond your imagination. | Our allocation system is designed such that you get a static txt file. There is a pool behind this file, which independently rotates and substitutes good proxies for bad ones. So you need not fear that you will have a huge number of errors due to delays in updating the file or that part of the file will be dead. | We have a huge number of pools that we control and distribute according to user needs so that nobody would interfere with anybody and that everyone would feel comfortable when using our service. Price: Mix: ............ 30,000-35,000 online per day, $100 per week, $400 per month. Double Mix: . 60,000-80,000 online per day, $160 per week, $550 per month. USA: ............... 2,000-4,000 online per day, $150 per week, $600 per month. Europe: ........... 4,000-6,000 online per day, $150 per week, $600 per month. Russia: ............ 4,000-6,000 online per day, $150 per week, $600 per month. Exclusive: ............. 25,000 online per day, $800 per week, $2500 per month. *Excplusive pool - this pool gives you 100% guarantee that no one except you would use the proxies allocated. You get maximum speed, unlimited thread, customized approach, personal tech support. These features would help allocate proxies running smoothly with your software. This is the right pool for Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. *At the moment we have 13 standard pools, No repetitions, only private, high-speed proxies Payment Methods: <> BitCoin <> PayPal <> Epayments <> WebMoney Our contact details: Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: [email protected] E-Mail: suppor[email protected] Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 | This is just a small part of what we can offer. For more information, please contact our Support team or visit our website at: http://SocksHub.net